FLOURISH |ˈfləriSH| verb 1. to grow, thrive, spring up, bloom, blossom, bear fruit, burst forth, run riot

I grew up in a field of yellow flowers.  In spring I would watch with wonder as each delicate sprout transformed from bud to blossom, the field bursting into color and life.  Design is much like that field of flowers, it starts with a vision that springs up from the earth of your soul, blossoms into beauty and runs riot in full bloom.


It is my passion to help you realize your wedding vision.  Whether you have dreamt up every detail or your vision has yet to take shape, I take care to make sure your wedding is uniquely you!  Your free consultation will be personal and thorough.  We will discuss your style and inspirations, dream up the details and grow them into a plan for your big day!


After our consultation I will put together a proposal to make your vision a reality.  Whatever your budget may be, I work to find materials and flower options that will best serve your needs.  I have a wide variety of props and stylings available to perfect your look and I am pleased to source items that aren’t yet in my collection. If you should choose a Flourish wedding, a deposit will be required to hold your date.  Then you can choose to continue pruning the plan or trust your design to my hands. The extent of your input is entirely up to you!


Your wedding is a day to rejoice, run riot and celebrate the start of a new life together!  The rest is just details.  I am happy to offer my services to ensure you are able to embrace every moment of your special day, without sweating the small stuff.  From on site design and installation to pinning corsages and transferring arrangements from ceremony to reception site I will be available to support you. 

Design is my joy.  It is an honor to share my joy with you and be a part of your special day.